Modular Research Spaces

There are five modular and one fixed research spaces adjacent to the main gait analysis area in room 30. The modular spaces are divided by soundproof partitions. The partitions can be removed to create larger spaces, as required by specific projects.

Room 30D - Fixed size room and Faraday Cage - currently assigned to Dr. Challis as general lab space for microscopic imaging.

Room 30G - Assigned to Nori Okita as office space.

Room 30H - Assigned to Dr. Jinger Gottschall for the dual treadmill system that she is developing.

Room 30J - Treadmill Lab - houses the Kistler Gaitway instrumented treadmill.

Room 30K - Stair Lab - houses the adjustable instrumented staircase and handicap elevator.

Room 30L - MTS Lab - houses the Materials Testing System (MTS).