Motion Analysis Eagle System

PI:Dr. Neil Sharkey
Location: Room 30 Recreation Bldg.
Scheduling and Technical Contact: Nori Okita

The Biomechanics Laboratory uses an 8-camera Eagle System from Motion Analysis Corporation. Please see the Motion Analysis Corporaiton Website for more information.

Eagle Digital System

The Motion Analysis Corporation Eagle system was chosen for a variety of reasons. Primarily, those reasons are the same reasons that make this system the the industry's premier 3D optical motion capture system. The system purchased consists of eight (8) Eagle Digital Cameras, the EagleHub, and three licenses of the EVaRT software. Real-time capabilities allow researchers to see capture results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task. The system's power, ease of operation, simplified set up, and extreme accuracy have made research in the field simpler and more convenient for our faculty and graduate students.

Eagle Digital Camera

Each Eagle Digital Camera has a resolution of 1.3 million pixels at 1280 x 1024 full resolution at up to 500 frames per second, 1280 x 512 at 1000 frames per second, 1280 x 256 at 2000 frames per second, and a processing rate of 600 million pixels per second. Processing of the digital images is performed on the camera, rather than on a centralized computer system.

The cameras connect to the Eagle Hub using fairly standard Ethernet wiring. Each camera communicates with the tracking computer where individual images are combined to create the 3D capture volume.

The cameras are field-upgradeable via software. New revisions of software can be uploaded to the cameras in place, reducing downtime and potential accidental damage.

Software - EVaRT

EVa Real-Time Software (EVaRT) provides a user with a simple and powerful interface. A single software system provides set-up, calibration, and real-time motion capture. Data can be edited and exported in a variety of formats.

The Eagle Digital System provides simultaneous viewing of up to four different panels:

The system is designed with multiple users in mind. Each user maintains their own settings for hot keys, monitor displays, init poses, and other system setup parameters. This allows for multiple researchers to use the system with minimal inter-study interaction required.

Local Applications and Setup

The gait area is set up with a variety of camera locations to capture image data with the system. A 5 foot projection screen is used, along with a 1500 lumen SXGA compatible projector. This allows for projection of the EVaRT software screens that is especially helpful in system calibration.