Histology and Imaging

There are four areas for histology imaging:

Room 36 Traditional Histology

This area houses all of our traditional tissue histology resources. Included are dryers and ovens for sample preparation. There is a diamond-wire saw for precise cutting and slicing of specimens. A stereo microscope and image capture system are used for collection of images from microscope slides for later computer analysis.

Room 35 High Resolution Computed Tomography

This space houses our Scanco MicroCT40 cabinet system.

Room 30L Materials Testing

Room 30L is one of the modular research spaces. Materials testing is peformed here on the Materials Testing System (MTS). This space also houses several cadaver specimen freezers.

Room 39 Histology/Chemistry

This room is used to perform all complex and dangerous chemical processes. This includes imbedding of specimens into plastics. It includes a fume hood that vents to the exterior of the building. All flammable chemistry is stored in this area.